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Diaper Bank

The Multicultural Diaper Bank is a part of the Help Me Grow network of diaper banks throughout Pierce County. Our diaper bank was established in June 2020 after seeing a great need in our community amid many programs shutting down due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. Household supplies were low to none in every store because of panic buying. Many households were unable to buy their essential hygiene items such as diapers and wipes. As a response to this need, our agency and many others in Pierce County partnered with Help Me Grow to build a network of diaper banks for all families.

On average our diaper bank serves between 80 to 100 families each month. Families with children under 5 years old, including pregnant mothers can stock up on diapers for their soon-to-be-newborns. Each order contains diapers, wipes, relevant resources, flyers, and educational materials. Depending on available donations, we can offer- diaper cream, baby grooming kits, formula, and Safe Sleep materials.

Our Impact

Here at Multicultural, we provide wrap-around services, we connect all our families with the opportunity to engage in other programs and access more resources.

“One family had been stocking up on diapers and when their baby arrived, they did not have time to go grocery shopping. I lined up their diaper pick-ups with days we were handing out groceries and other food donations. This family [was] able to cook for a whole week without worrying about going to the store from those donations!” -Kevin, Diaper Bank Manager

How can you contribute?

Our diaper bank would not be what it is today without generous donations from the community!

We accept and appreciate any donations of diapers, pull-ups, wipes, bags, etc. High demand sizes and materials that tend to run out quickly are diaper sizes 4, 5, 6, pull-ups 4T5T, and grocery-sized bags with handles.

Program Contact

Dawn Ngiraingas
Diaper Bank Manager

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