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Triple P & Group Triple P

Triple P

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is a parenting program that offers targeted interventions for parents of children from birth to 16-years-old. Parents and families will experience a flexible, practical way to develop skills, strategies and confidence to handle any parenting situation. The program is supported by decades of research.

Triple P Supports Parents In:

  • Raising happy, confident kids
  • Managing misbehaviors
  • Setting rules and routines for the whole family
  • Encouraging desirable behaviors
  • Self-care as a parent
  • Feeling confident as a parent

Group Triple P

Group Triple P is suitable for parents with concerns about their child's behavior or who wish to learn a variety of parenting skills that will promote their child's development and potential. Typically, a group course includes five two-hour group sessions.  Group Triple P does not require a referral from a social worker, or current involvement with the Child Welfare system.

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Program Contact

Amalia Perez