Parent 4 Parents

Parents for Parent is a mentorship program where previously involved parents help newly involved parents navigate the child welfare system with a goal of reunification. The program offers “It Takes a Village” as a weekly support group to engage with parents involved with the child welfare system. Dependency 101 is a course that provides a snapshot of what the child welfare system looks like and how to best navigate the system in order to reunify with children as quickly as possible. Dependency 201 is a resource group that is offered once a month with six different curriculums. Parent 4 Parent can also provide food for visits if a family member is struggling to provide snacks or necessary items such as; diapers, formula, bottles, and clothing for their visits. 

Program Contact

Dorothy Gorder

Tamara Layton

Multicultural Child And Family Hope Center

2021 S. 19th St.
Tacoma, Wa 98405



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