About Us

bridgeprogram2MCFHC operates 7 days per week up to 14 hours per day.  Our employee pool includes staff that speaks Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and American Sign; and is knowledgeable about the various cultures including the Puyallup Tribe. 

Many staff have at least ten or more years experience working with children and families and hold a BA or higher.  Our assistant teachers have at least 5 or more years working with children and families and hold 2 year degrees.aboutus1

Services provided include Childcare (on-site and off-site), ECEAP (one class time with a Parent-Child Visitation/Hands-On Parenting component) , Emergency Respite (limited off-site respite as in-kind), Parent-Child Visitation (both DSHS contracted and private parties), Sibling Visitation, Foster Parent Caregiver and Retention services, Hands-On Parenting, Project Safe Care, Parenting Assessments, Developmental Screenings, the Bridge Program (dependency 101 and mentoring for families involved in CPS), and a full-time RN who works to get proof of medicals, dentals and shot records complete and oversees medication management as needed and the day to day health concerns parents may have regarding their children.  The above named services also include mental health, job training, medical, nutritional and interpreter support (already a component of the ECEAP budgeted funding) as well as resources for housing, furniture, clothing, household goods, hygiene products etc.  Topic specific monthly parent meetings are opened up to all families in the above named programs.

Transportation services are provided for off-site childcare, respite, visitations, ECEAP, school and family support services.  We have a total of 11 company vehicles which includes a 15 passenger van and 2 federally certified school buses.