Welcome to the Multicutural Child and Family Hope Center

Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center (MCFHC) is a non-profit human services agency. Our mission is to provide culturally relevant support services to children and families through daycare, ECEAP, and DSHS contracted services. A positive relationship between teacher and student is an important factor in the social, emotional and academic development of a child. Our center strives to ensure this balance.


Our Goals

To provide a safe, nurturing and relaxed environment with caring adults who enhance self-esteem, encourage independence and offer an abundance of developmentally appropriate activities.

To respect each child’s individuality and encourage their respect for others through social skills.

To allow children to explore their environment and be active, inquisitive, creative learners while developing at their own individual pace.

To empower children by allowing them to make their own choices, take risks, and share their own ideas so they can reach their optimum potential.

To help children develop an enthusiasm for learning, where school is a positive place to be.

To foster good communication with parents so that they feel comfortable their children are in a safe, secure place with adults they can trust.

To encourage self discipline by having limits clearly defined, consistently enforced and kept to a minimum. 



We are here to meet the needs of you and your child.  If you have a concern or question please let us know.  Newsletters go home regularly and are posted on the bulletin boards.  The Parent Board in the reception area has additional information for you to read.  The director and administrative staff is available most of the day or by appointment.



The director and teachers will set limits for safety and security.  Each teacher sets the limits for her/his classroom appropriate to the age level and needs of the children.  Problems are rare when limits are clearly defined and consistently enforced.  The techniques of positive reinforcement and redirection are consistently used.  If a continuing problem does arise, a conference will be scheduled so that school and family can work together towards a solution.